Are highlighters recyclable?

recycling plastics into the new products infograph

Are you unsure if your unwanted item is recyclable? Most likely it is, more are than you’d think! Click on this link to the David Suzuki website that tells you everything about what is recyclable and how to recycle it. Highlighters might seem like small beans but BC Hydro estimates that office supplies account for 10 per cent of all landfill waste in British Columbia.

Sorting: An Important Step

Recycling is an important part of living in an environmentally conscience way. Sorting is the first step when deciding to recycle your items, and arguably the most important. Is the item recyclable? There are different categories to determine an item’s recyclability. Most items will have the applicable symbol on the bottom, but there are other items that are not labeled such as some metals, wood, paper, and other materials. Here is a great picture from with an explanation of what items are made using recycling plastics.

In conclusion, by recycling your unwanted items, you will ultimately reduce your environmental impact. Check out this link that talks about how recycling reduces the impact. By sorting the materials and knowing where to recycle, you are on your way to Living Environmentally Conscience.


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