How Eating Steak Ruins the Ozone Layer

Did you know that cows produce more greenhouse gasses than all other animals raised for consumption combined? Study shows red meat dwarfs others for environmental impact, using 28 times more land and 11 times water for pork or chicken. . In other words, giving up your car will make a less of an environmental impact than if you give up beef!

Stop eating cows

Eating less beef reduces the demand for beef, will cause a reaction in the beef industry to produce less beef, and therefore lowers your environmental impact. Choosing other meats or eating vegetarian dishes more frequently will greatly affect the way our earth is used. This will lower the demand for land and water resources directly related to the production of beef.

Cows are animals, not food

Not to mention the treatment of animals. Does the feedlot image look like a pleasant place for cows to live in? Jammed in those fences, wall to wall cows are peeing and pooping everywhere and on each other. I would say that it is cruelty to animals and personally wouldn’t choose to eat beef raised in feedlots, for those moral reasons.

In conclusion, choose to eat less (or no!) beef that is farmed in a responsible way. Allow cows to live a pleasant life and not just be mass produced for our consumption. Lower your environmental impact by eating less beef if you are wanting to Live Environmentally Conscience.

cattle feedlot environmental impact
Does the feedlot image look like a pleasant place for cows to live in?

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