Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… and Repair

Repair or mend your clothing. Picture taken from

Move over Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. There’s a new kid in town! Let’s add the fourth “R”: Repair! As we talked about in one of my previous blog posted (found here), when an item is reused, or by Buying or selling a used item, it does not require any more energy in the production of that item. The same can be said when repairing an item. This will eliminate the carbon footprint related to the original production of that item. It does not require any more natural resources. It also cuts the actual cost of that item down instead of paying full price to repurchase the item brand new. A repair cost will, in most cases, be a much lower cost.

“Although it’s not part of the well-known triad, “repair” partners with “reuse” in the reduce, reuse, recycle hierarchy—and it’s a better option than recycle when it comes to the environment. Why? Because when we repair, we don’t buy new stuff. No matter how “green” it claims to be… Repair also generates less air and water pollution than recycling, leaves behind less hazardous waste, and creates an affordable supply of high-quality goods for those unable to afford new things.”

Mending (Repairing) clothing or other items made from fabric.

Whether it is mending a sweater with a hole or fixing a tear in a throw pillow, you can find a tutorial on how to repair anything on the internet. Here are two links to get you started! Comment below to share your favourite links on repairing items.

In conclusion, repairing items for the purpose of minimizing your environmental impact will not only save you some money, but will help save our environment. These are both great reasons to help you to decide to Live Environmentally Conscience.


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