How Reuse Dryer Sheets for Every Purpose!

Reuse dryer sheets to help reduce static cling. Picture from

What do you do with items that are not recyclable, like dryer sheets? Do you throw them into the trash? That will just fill up our landfills and add to our environmental impact. What if instead of tossing them you find clever ways to reuse them?

Look at closely at used dryer sheets. Once you run them through the dryer, they are not recyclable according to . So just throw them into the bin, right? NOPE! Here are some of my favourite ways that you can reuse these “garbage” items.

Reuse Dryer Sheets for Cleaning

From dusting furniture and removing pet hair off of everything to removing bugs off of your car and soap scum in the bathroom, there are many great ways to reuse dryer sheets for the purpose of cleaning.

Reuse Dryer Sheets for Crafting

A few of my favourite ideas that I’ve seen for crafting are to reuse a dryer sheet for the back of a pieced quilt block. You can adjust the size of the sheet to fit your requirements by trimming to a smaller size or sewing as many as you need together until you have the bigger size that you need.

Reuse Dryer Sheets While Camping/ For Your RV

One of the worst part of camping (either tenting or using an RV) are some of the unpleasant smells that happen. By reusing your dryer sheets and placing them inside your tent or RV will help to freshen up the air. Another great tip when packing up your camping equipment for the season is to place the used dryer sheets inside your sleeping bags before you roll them up and also placing them into your RV cupboards before putting them into storage/ winterizing. This will help to fight the smell of mildew and it also deters pests (moths and rodents) from entering.

Reuse Dryer Sheets for Many Other Purposes

Finally, a few final tips that are great for reusing those dryer sheets are: fighting static on ladies’ pantyhose by rubbing the dampened sheet over the legs, using as a fire starter by stuffing an empty toilet paper tube along with dryer lint, and cleaning gummed up scissors by cutting through or wiping some used dryer sheets over the blades.

For more tips on how to reuse dryer sheets because they are not recyclable, check out this blog for inspiration: . Comment below on your favourite ways to reuse dryer sheets or anything else!! J

In conclusion, there are many ways to reuse items like dryer sheets for the purpose of minimizing your environmental impact. This will not only save you some money, but will help save our environment. These are both great reasons to help you to decide to Live Environmentally Conscience.


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