Reduce Packaging by Using Your Own Containers

Rows of lettuce growing in a garden.

Save both the production of the packaging and the waste that it creates by following these tips on using your own containers to reduce packaging.

  1. Buy (or sew) some cloth bags to use them while shopping. Tip: keep them in your car so you don’t forget to bring them when you go out. MW-BS218_pfgroc_20140108165614_MG shutterstock reusable cloth grocery bags
  2. Instead of using zip-top or plastic wrap to carry your snacks to school or work, purchase a reusable snack bag like this cute one 2034-600x600-500x500 colibricanada snack bagor sew one yourself like these- using the instructions from this blog: Sew-a-15-Minute-Reusable-Snack-Bag-by-The-DIY-Mommy.jpg
  1. Finally, use waste-free containers – at home or on the go – like these: portions-16_1024x1024 eco lunch boxes tri-bento.pngpicnic-time_1024x1024 eco lunch boxes camping tray.jpg

In conclusion, there are many reusable containers to use for the purpose of minimizing your environmental impact for example: cloth bags for shopping, cloth snack bags that you can sew yourself, or waste-free food containers. This will not only save you some money in the long run, but will help save our environment. These are great tips to help you to decide to Live Environmentally Conscience.

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